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From "Mikhail Fedotov" <>
Subject request parameters encoding
Date Wed, 05 Jun 2002 16:23:58 GMT

I'm hit the wall with encoding of request parameters. I
need to reencode them from latin into cp1251, but there is
no way to do that in Database Actions of via servlet API.

The origins of this problem are in http protocol
limitations and can'be dealed easily, but all this is an
issue only in form submitting, so there is at least one
possible solution: we can pass 'reference' string in our
non-latin encoding (say, cp1251) as hidden variable and
check out that we got on submit.

If we got original string, then someone already took care
about encoding, and if it isn't, we can reencode parameters
from one fixed encoding (8859-1) into another (Cp1251 or
KOi8-R). This should solve almost all problems, except for
some very rare and specific cases.

If we don't want to mess with that string, we could just
reencode - it's better then nothing anyway.

The best place for this stuff seems to be HttpRequest
object. It is very simple modification imho, that do you
think ?


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