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From Stephan Michels <>
Subject [INTRO] Stephan Michels
Date Thu, 06 Jun 2002 09:29:08 GMT

I want to thank everbody for their vote, also for trust
in me ;-)

Following the common practice I want introduce myself. I
should you warn, my english is not best, but I try my best..

My was born 1975 in Berlin in Germany. At the age of 10,
I become my first computer(C64), and my first software
project was a AI system written in LISP. The AI was a
long time my favourit theme. Jump man, Space Taxi and AI,
more doesn't need a man ;-)

At the highschool I come to the PC. The first PC was 8088
with a hercules graphic card with a amber coloured monitor.
With the appearance of doom, 3D programming was my next
favorite theme, so I learned Pascal, C and Forth. The Highlight
was a texture mapping algorithm written in assembler.

At I begun my studies 1995 in chemistry at technical unversity
of Berlin.

For the first semester at the university programming of
microcontrollers, like the 8051, was my next stage. I design
diagnostic appliances for the analytic chemistry.

Later I spent many of my time for the quantum chemistry,
and works on a sourceforge project called

Than I designed applications for the nuclear magnetic
resonance(NMR) in the workgroup of prof. Ziessow.

Currently I work as chief software developer
for a 50MEuro project from the

I have also two more projects running
and JEuclid( The
last I currently neglect.

I'm also now in my exams, so I'm in some stress...

That all for the the first time.

Thank you for your attention, Stephan Michels.

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