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From "Steven Noels" <>
Subject RE: Wiki documentation system
Date Fri, 07 Jun 2002 19:07:29 GMT
> From: Brian Topping []

> documentation.  But if the documentation process (context
> diffs contributed as patches to bugzilla) is more difficult
> than the change itself (maybe a sentence or two in some
> cases), I am less inclined to make a contribution since I
> also need to get work done toward my own goals.

Exactly, I don't like the Bugzilla approach for document creation &
revision neither, but there are no ambitions whatsoever to host other
fancy dynamic stuff on ASF equipment. The PHP people basically provide
their own physical equipment, that's why they have lots of dynamic
stuff, also for documentation. Also, do not underestimate the load these
sites take when going for a centralized approach.

Having a cocoon documentation selfhelp webapp running locally, pushing
new and modified content to some central aggregation point however would
be really great. Radio Userland comes to mind, and that should sound a
bell to many of you ;-)

Making this a part of Forrest would be even better. Currently, we're
starting off slowly, doing static builds of decentralized documentation
using a centralized system. Having a centralized system for distributed
documentation maintenance would be of tremendous value. So if some of
you are really serious about this and want to grok their teeth on
xml.apache-wide stuff instead of Cocoon-only, come and join us!


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