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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject [RT]: The value of SAXConnectors
Date Tue, 25 Jun 2002 10:23:16 GMT
Does anyone remember the good old SAXConnector?

It was originally designed for transparently handling
xinclude/cinclude statements. But it wasn't used for this
because of the problems it caused for the caching.

Then SAXConnectors were used for profiling and debugging.
The profiling code was replaced by profiling pipelines,
so currently only the debugging part remains.

Serious question: Did anyone of you use this feature?

Now, with one of the latest features of Cocoon, 
the configurable pipelines, the concept of SAXConnectors 
seems a little bit out of place.
For example if I want to use the debugging SAXConnector
for a particular request, it is only possible to turn on the
SAXConnector for the complete sitemap which slows down the 
entire system.

So, I currently see three possibilities:

a) Deprecate the SAXConnectors and remove it asap.
b) Remove it now
c) Change the concept, so that it is possible to configure
   the used SAXConnector on a map:pipeline base.

If the SAXConnector concept is of value then we should go for c),
if not I'm +1 for b).



Carsten Ziegeler     Chief Architect     Open Source Group, S&N AG
             Cocoon Consulting, Training and Projects

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