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From "Per Kreipke" <>
Subject RE: We need a detailed comparison with Struts
Date Thu, 13 Jun 2002 15:47:18 GMT


> But, Struts is either not perfect in this: I've been getting
> exceptions from
> XML parser during deployment on IONA iPortal.
> The only server that has minimum problems with Cocoon is Tomcat
> 4.x (except
> 4.0.3).

Are you referring to the issues in the install document? Or are there
others? Thanks.


> > I feel that Cocoon is still way too weak from the flow description
> > perspective in order to seriously compete with any web-app oriented
> > frameworks.
> I am not agree with this. Maybe there are some webapp frameworks that are
> better than Cocoon for webapps, but I would not say that Struts is one of
> them.
> Everything that can be done by Struts is possible with Cocoon.
> I can provide a sample both: for Struts and Cocoon - there will
> be not much
> difference. More over, Cocoon-based sample will have a sitemap
> shorter than
> struts-config, because of wildcard matching, better parametrized
> actions (an
> Action in Struts can have only one(!) parameter).

I'd be very intersted in a comparative sample; we're making this very
decision and honestly were going to mix Struts and Cocoon (despite Stefano's
misgivings): Struts for posting, Cocoon for rendering.

> > Cocoon is and remains focused on publishing (that is: declarative web
> > serving) until we have a way to describe procedural flows. See more
> > below.
> I'm not going to judge if it's a good approach, but we have internal
> redirects, we have actions and we can use sitemap resources to
> have separate
> flow (actions + redirects) and publishing (resources). I am ready
> to provide
> comparison samples if needed.

Again, I'd be very intersted in a comparative sample.


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