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From Themba Mbatha <>
Subject RE: Mailer Action.
Date Mon, 24 Jun 2002 14:06:38 GMT

>There is currenltly a SendmailAction in CVS HEAD 2.1 by Donald Ball.
>How does yours differ?

I am aware of its existance and I did check it out. SendmailAction can have
content preconfigured in a descriptor file, or it can get it from the

I needed dynamically(xsp, etc) generated content which is also multipart
(html and/or text). This is the reason why I chose to get the content from
the pipeline as XML.

Since the content is received from the pipeline as XML, this enables me to
send a multipart message body to the recepient(s). I can send both HTML and
text to the user.

I forgot to mention that recepients are set on the request parameters or

>Are you interested to plug-in the emailing logic at the end of the 
>Feedback Wizard ?


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