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From Diana Shannon <>
Subject [doc] wikiland issue
Date Mon, 17 Jun 2002 13:41:41 GMT
I just read on cocoon-users about wikiland for a Cocoon dictionary. You 
can see it for yourself at:

My question: who owns the result (content) of this particular wikiland 
input? Does it belong to anyware-tech (Sylvain's company)? To Olivier? 
There is absolutely no copyright information. Can anyone simply take the 
results and publish them?

My greatest hope is that the Cocoon project can harvest some of the 
results, edit them, and update existing docs. For example, I have been 
editing FAQs and have already refined a number of definitions which 
would help Wikiland get started. These could be contributed right away. 
I think most doc efforts do better with *some* existing content. In 
other words, it's easier for people to edit an existing work than to 
start from a blank page. For example, look at how many patches have been 
contributed to the XMLForm Wizard How-To. Not any new How-Tos, but a lot 
of patches/comments.

Will Cocoon be able to use the results of this Wiki in its own docs? I 
sincerely hope we can. If so, I look forward to contributing to your 
Wikiland. If not, I'm afraid we may eventually have competing Wikis, 
which would be a real shame -- for users especially.

Can someone *please* clarify this issue? Sylvain? Olivier?

-- Diana

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