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From Ola Berg <>
Subject MessageBroker webapp architecture?
Date Mon, 10 Jun 2002 11:00:53 GMT
Thoughts in the process of integrating Cocoon with other things into something useable for
the customers:

Cocoon at the front, generating content out of XML - great!

Connectors to webapps, repositories etc that generates XML to feed into Cocoon - great!

But what about the architectures that wants to put a message broker/switch (JMS-thing like
Tibco) between the app and the publishing system?

My thoughts: making Cocoon connectors and configuring tools for message brokers. Cocoon needs
matchers and stuff for that kind of things, any entity connected to the message broker needs
adapters and listeners (like a Cocoon adapter). As message brokers supports both push and
pull methods, I guess that Cocoon needs some kind of tweaking in order to support push models.

My question: has anybody worked with that architecture and Cocoon? What needs to be done,
do you see any problems with it as Cocoon is right now?

I think of things like holding sessions and users in sync between the publishing environment
(Cocoon) and the (possibly legacy) application layer (and possibly any integrated user/session
management within the message broker), push and pull methods etc.


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