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From Jason Foster <>
Subject Re: Sitemap Transformations
Date Wed, 05 Jun 2002 16:04:08 GMT
> I would *strongly* suggest you to write a new reader.
> I totally understand that tweaking the sitemap sounds 'easier' because
> the try/fail cycle is *much* faster now, but I tend to believe that
> until we have the flowmap in place, we should avoid to add anymore
> dynamism to the sitemap, or people will start to use it and come up with
> even more things to deprecate or keep to maintain forever.
> Hope you get my point.

I'll accept the point, but think that soon we're going to have a huge, 
messy, undocumented, proliferation of customized generators, actions, etc.
   For example:

- FileExistsAction
- FileNotExistsAction
- PerlStyleFileTestAction
- GrepAction
- UnzipAction
- GetUploadedFilenameAction
- UploadedFileGenerator
- UnzipUploadedFileGenerator
- FallbackFileGenerator
- FallbackTraxTransformer

Maybe with Cocoon Blocks, and something like CPAN, this would be manageable.
   As is stands though, everyone will have to be a Java developer (OK, 
technically you could be an ECMAScript or Python developer) if they want to 
do things like this.  Does this unduly restrict our userbase?  I agree with 
the flexibility syndrome concerns, but there needs to be a happy medium 
between "everyone write a custom generator" and "everyone type volumes into 
the sitemap manually".

Sorry to trip your alarm so strongly.

Jason Foster

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