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From Diana Shannon <>
Subject Re: [docs]: Who we are
Date Wed, 05 Jun 2002 13:40:52 GMT

On Wednesday, June 5, 2002, at 09:17  AM, Steven Noels wrote:

> I upgraded the entire *main* site yesterday evening to
> the new doc-v11.dtd and put it inside Forrest as a test case.

And I am incredibly grateful for this effort.

> These
> documents were *ugly*, while Cocoon's xdocs seem structurally pretty
> well shaped up to me (to easily automate this transformation process).
> So I assume migrating to doc-v11 will not be too much of a problem for
> the Cocoon project.

I don't think so either. Still, Carsten has time and the interest to 
write this doc now. If transformation will indeed be quite automated, we 
can update his work later. Clearly I'm saying this, fully realizing this 
approach may shift additional work on my shoulders when we transform 
*all* docs. Still, my priority is content.

> The only outstanding issues I have with doc-v11 is hyperlinks, the title
> element/attribute discussion and some personal feelings about the poor
> table markup. Both are currently under discussion within the Forrest
> group, one has been raised as a vote, so we'll get somewhere sooner than
> later.
> I posted a vote on this subject some weeks ago
> (, and was
> pretty much amazed with the amount of responses I received :-(

Understanding the implications of an issue aren't always evident when 
you're not dealing directly with the matter. I think everyone was 
trusting your judgment, which I continue to do.

> Aren't we a bit too conservative on transitioning Cocoon to Forrest?

I'm ready to start, but in a partial way. FAQs and How-Tos, as recently 
proposed on Forrest. I'm not ready *yet* to deal with all docs, like the 
one Carsten is proposing. I'll start testing this approach, as you are 


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