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From Ovidiu Predescu <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Schematron validator in Anteater (and Cocoonvalidating Transformer)
Date Sun, 09 Jun 2002 06:04:37 GMT
On 6/7/02 9:48 PM, "Ivelin Ivanov" <> wrote:

> I will be interested to contribute some code.
> The validator package is totally independent of Avalon.

OK, this is good.

> It only needs commons-jxpath.jar
> The package is org.apache.cocoon.components.validation
> I guess I can just zip up the files in the package for anteater.

Anteater currently uses Jaxen, is it possible for the validation code to use
Jaxen instead of JXPath?

> I would like us to work out the exact syntax before starting, though.

I think the syntax you proposed is reasonable for a start.

> How do we plan to generate junit reports.
> Right now I don't see a nice way to interrupt a test, if there was a
> validation error, and jump straight to the junit reporting.

How does Junit catch the interrupt? We can probably use the same mechanism
to catch the interrupt, and execute the reporting code.

> I have also asked a question about reusing steps among test cases.
> How do you suggest this can be done?

Just group the different test cases in two different targets. In a common
test target, just do the login, then call the two targets sequentially, and
then do the logout. If you want the two steps to happen in parallel, you can
use Ant's <parallel> element.

Something like this:

<target name="test1">
  // Do the steps for test case 1

<target name="test2">
  // Do the steps for test case 2

<target name="full-test">
    // Do the login here

    <antcall target="test1"/>
    <antcall target="test2"/>

    // Do the logout here

The <target> element acts as a function here, and you make use of <antcall>
to invoke it.

If you want to reuse functionality across multiple ant files, just define
the common functionality in targets in a common file, and call them using
the <ant> target.

Does this answer your question?

> Once we work out the architectural problems, I'll move to coding.
> My login is "ivelin"

OK, you're in!


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