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From Piroumian Konstantin <>
Subject RE: [announce] Extended sitemap variable substitution syntax
Date Tue, 25 Jun 2002 07:40:24 GMT
> From: Sylvain Wallez [] 
> Hi team,
> The extended sitemap variable substitution syntax based on 
> InputModules 
> is available in HEAD.
> Sitemap variables can now be prefixed by the name of an InputModule. 
> This means for example that "{request:foo}" will evaluate to 
> the value 
> of the "foo" request parameter or that "{session:myAttr}" 
> will evaluate 
> to the value of the "myAttr" session attribute.

To the value of myAttr.toString(), am I right? 
Don't you think that next thing that will be needed is to get a value in
some other way, e.g. using an XPath with DOM objects, e.g.:


? So, the quantity of input modules will start to grow as actions' did.

> Unprefixed variables are sitemap variables as usual, but 
> there's also a 
> reserved "sitemap" prefix. This means that "{../1}" is equivalent to 
> "{sitemap:../1}". This can be used when the name of a sitemap 
> variable 
> contains a colon, e.g. "{sitemap:the:name}"
> For background info on this, see the proposal and vote at :
> Tests weren't extensive but this seems to work well.
>                                   --o0o--
> This new feature means that InputModules will be more widely 
> used, and 
> therefore I'd like to propose some changes in the names they 
> have in the 
> current cocoon.xconf to more meaningfull ones :
> - "request-param" instead of "request" for request parameters,
> - "request-header" instead of "header" for request headers,
> - "request-attr" instead of "attribute" for request attributes,
> - "session-attr" instead of "session" for session attributes.

I'd also add:
 "app-attr" for servlet (application) context attributes
 "app-init-param" for servlet init params

Won't it be better to have one parametrized InputModule, say for, "request"
and use it to get all the needed data from the request, be it a param,
attribute, header or maybe request URI, etc? The same for "app" module, that
will be used to get: servlet context attributes, init params, context name,

I don't have a good idea on how the syntax can look like for this (maybe
"request:param:/...", "request:attr:/", etc.)?

> Thoughts ?

Some were above.


> Sylvain
> -- 
> Sylvain Wallez
>  Anyware Technologies                  Apache Cocoon
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