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From "Brian Topping" <>
Subject Wiki documentation system
Date Thu, 06 Jun 2002 18:15:55 GMT
[apologies for the x-post]

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Vadim Gritsenko []
> Subject: RE: Parameterizing Sitemap with XMLForms
> There is no one good document explaining this... I believe should be
> explained somewhere 

Vadim, thanks for the response, I'll chew on that for a while.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: ROSSEL Olivier []
> Subject: wikiLand Cocoon Application 0.1
> Built with Cocoon, the Chaperon parser and the slash-edit 
> system, using the
> Wiki syntax, here is the announcement of the first Alpha release of
> "wikiLand"...

Ooh -- idea connection.  I don't fully grok Wiki yet, but isn't it something where you can
type funny shorthand and it hyperlinks through a website that is imitating a mondo hash table?

Vadim pointed out two documents that should be linked to each other.  Then it hit me, if I
understand Wiki correctly and it was implemented on the docs site, these two documentation
items could have been Wiki'd together with zero effort.  If Forrest had this built in, can
you imagine the implications?  Quality docs would grow really rapidly!

I keep suggesting gadgety stuff for Forrest because I think gadgets get people to do stuff.
 They are fun to play with and make things easier, and when documentation is easy, everyone
will start doing it.  Painful stuff made easy is a good thing, especially when it is good
for you.

Sylvain mentioned on cocoon-users that JDJ had an article about C2 and thought that it could
use some more marketing.  IMHO, 2.1 is the first time that the "Victorinox Ginsu Deluxe" will
have all the checklist items needed to be an content application system instead of just a
hardcore publishing engine.  Marketing before 2.1 would have been less effective per unit
of work as a result.

While the foundation has been there all along, stuff like the auth actions turns the C2 foundation
into a dwelling.  Great documentation would give those people that come to play a successful
experience, and a successful experience for these new users will translate into an avalanche
of good press.  This would be better marketing than we could generate ourselves for the same
effort as the documentation, and we would have the docs around to boot once we are done. 

Strategy proposal:  Let's write the docs, let others do the marketing as they are wont to
do!  The word is spreading, let it spread.  But let's make sure that the experience for everyone
is golden the first time they come to play, good docs help make that happen.

$0.02 from the peanuts gallery...


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