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From "Brian Topping" <>
Subject Action configuration problem in subsitemaps
Date Thu, 06 Jun 2002 07:39:27 GMT
Hi all,

I'm running into an action configuration problem in a subsitemap.  I have an operable authentication
system, but I want to mix forms in.  When I add the <map:action> for the form wizard
in a subsitemap, all of the actions for authentication (i.e. "auth-protect") are forgotten

I have mirrored the subsitemap that Carsten checked in the other day WRT the <map:components>
element, which relies on the actions defined in the context sitemap.  I then simply added:

    <map:action name="HowtoWizardAction"

Fixing the problem is something that I am interested in, but also have a couple of other questions:

1) is cocoon-dev the right place to be posting a question like this, or should i be using

2) If i knew avalon better, would the answer to this problem be obvious to me?  Or is there
something else that i should study.  I *really* want to learn Cocoon cold...



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