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From Bert Van Kets <>
Subject Re: What is Cocoon?
Date Sun, 16 Jun 2002 20:59:37 GMT
At 17:43 15/06/2002 +0200, you wrote:
>"Andrew C. Oliver" wrote:
> > > > Just what IS Cocoon?
> > >
> > >This one will be solved when Cocoon Blocks are available and every
> > >installation can be customized depending on the needs and 3rd party stuff
> > >can be provided as blocks and not with the core.
> >
> > No.  It will be mitigated, but not solved.  Still answer "What is
> > Cocoon?"  -- try it.
>I've been thinking a lot about this: how should we market Cocoon? Right
>now it's simply too hard since Cocoon has grown to be too many things in
>one place. This is why I proposed the creation of blocks.
>After blocks are implemented (yes, expect big RT on this very soon)

Anxiously awaiting this ;-)

>Cocoon will change from a big WAR to a smaller WAR that implements a COB
>(COcoon Block) container and provides some standard blocks.
>Giacomo calls this block container a 'naked cocoon' and I love the
>concept: it's the cocoon core, with no direct functionality. Blocks will
>provide functionality. Some blocks are written by you, some blocks are
>installed from other places.

I suppose that XSLT will be the default standard implementation.

>A 'naked cocoon' is an server-side XML application framework.

Indeed it is.

>That is: cocoon is glue for your web needs.

The fun is that the "needs" can be VERY different.  I have some ideas where 
I want to use Cocoon that are very versatile.


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