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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: serializer sending gzip compressed html
Date Sat, 29 Jun 2002 10:37:32 GMT
Jens Lorenz wrote:
> Hi,
> since the issue has been raised on cocoon-users I've been
> hacking on serializers which automatically gzip compress
> the (cocoon) produced html before it is send to the browser
> on the client side.
> BTW: this should also reduce the size of the cache dir since
> the stored html is compressed.
> Since I've no more clues on this but it's not ready for the
> patch queue  either I'm sending this to cocoon-dev, hoping
> someone else might give it a try.
> Anyway. What I've done is taking HTMLSerializer and creating
> an GZIPOutputStream before the outputstream is handed over
> to the XSL TransformerHandler.
> There are still two major issues with this however.
> The GZIPSerializer needs to set the Content-encoding header
> of the response. But Serializers have no setup() function
> like generators or transformers (see SitemapModelComponent
> interface) and so they don't get the environment.
> My solution for this is to implement SitemapModelComponent
> interface anyway and let AbstractProcessingPipeline test
> if the used serializer implements this interface and call
> the setup function then.
> Second major issue is that this serializer only works sometimes.
> For example the welcome page works as well as the examples page,
> but none of the documentation page works. They simply produce
> an invalid gzip format but I'm unable to find out why.
> (somehow the trailer is not send)
> [the diff's / files are attached to this mail]

[note: didn't look at your code]

Question: why isn't a GZIPServletFilter enough for what you want?

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