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From Ivelin Ivanov <>
Subject Re: [RT] Flowmaps
Date Mon, 17 Jun 2002 12:47:03 GMT
Reinhard Poetz wrote:
> +10
> very important because I think that many people (and me too) don't like XSPs

I'm not an XSP fan either.

>>Now, suppose we do this
>>   callPipeline("hello.html", input, output);
>>where we mean:
>> 1) call the internal "hello.html" URI connecting the input and output
>>that I give you.
>> 2) come back here without sending anything to the client
> +1
> and ...
> with the same concept we can implement validation in XMLForms if you need
> access to your backend for this purpose because xml-schemes are not powerful
> enough
> (e.g. a customer wants to book a hotel room and you have to check before
> confirming the reservation whether the room is still available)

Can you elaborate some more on this idea.
I didn't undertand Stefano's thought on input/output either.
It appeared that the function was recursively calling the pipeline which
called the function in the first place.


-= Ivelin =-

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