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From Ivelin Ivanov <>
Subject Re: XMLForms and Flowmap
Date Sun, 16 Jun 2002 17:08:40 GMT
Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
> Ivelin Ivanov wrote:
>>We are looking for someone to step up and show us how these two can work
>>together in a nice way.
> I am.
> IMNSHO, the flowmap should totally replace actions and deprecate them.
> I've looked at XMLForms and I must say it looks extremely unfriendly to
> my eyes. The reason? massive use of actions, which hide the flow logic
> from the sitemap.
> In the example I've seen, you use the same URI, passing the
> cocoon-action parameter to trigger a different state.
> I'm not against the concept, not at all, but I think that actions are
> evil, bad, harder to use than it first seems and not RAD at all.
> What I love about Ovidiu's work is the ability to use it even without
> continuations: you are not forced to use continuations to store your
> state and you can simply write your flow logic in javascript and run it,
> instead of using actions, compile them, include them and so on.
> So, I don't think they should work together at all: form validation
> should be a cocoon component that you simply call from your flow logic.

How about binding http request parameters to objects?
myobject.setName( cocoon.request.getParameter( "name" ) );
for each parameter for each form is not pretty code.

> Does it make sense?

Not quite yet. I'll keep following the discussion.


-= Ivelin =-

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