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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: About Cocoon dictionnary.
Date Fri, 14 Jun 2002 14:38:59 GMT
ROSSEL Olivier wrote:

>>>BTW, all dicsussions about wikiLand should be cross-posted 
>>on its own
>>>mailing list.
>>>I am not on cocoon-dev.
>>That's what I call fragmentation :-|
> I am NOT on cocoon-dev. Got it?

how interesting... and still, you seem to read the postings? ;-)

>>Olivier, if you would be willing to move over this discussion to 
>>forrest-dev, wikiLand could become an XML Apache supporting 
> Well, here are my thoughts at the moment:
> wiki is a VERY efficient tool. Similar in spirit
> to the good old Web'95 (my birth date in the digital age).
> It may sound strange, but it is not just a bunch of web pages!
> It is not just a bunch of docs.
> It is well... wiki :-)
> Wild, incontrolable, kewl and izi.

I knew wiki already, thanks.

> FYI, my name is Olivier, I "stole" the code of slash-edit and of Chaperon,
> mixed both in a .war, distribut it on a free website under a very cool
> license. Feel free to take it, improve it and use for any thing you want.
> lOlive
> not on cocoon-dev ;-)

Duh. Are you planning to work further on wikiLand? If so, wouldn't you 
like a community for feature requests, [RT], testing and debugging?

We will need a comment facility at some point of time for Forrest (which 
uses Cocoon). We'd rather want the original author of wikiLand injecting 
his own stuff inside Forrest (perhaps as an well-insulated component if 
you want wikiLand to be able to live on its own), than us grabbing it 
and creating fragmentation along the way.


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