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From Ivelin Ivanov <>
Subject Re: XInclude Transformer vs CInlude Transformer
Date Fri, 14 Jun 2002 02:45:09 GMT
Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
> Mattam wrote:
>>Ivelin Ivanov [Sun, 09 Jun 2002 11:22:07 -0500]:
>>| Two almost identical transformers are confusing me.
>>| What is the difference between the two?
>>| Should one be deprecated?
>>| I'd vote for the one which implements the W3C XInclude spec closest.
>>| Maybe it should take the best of the other one.
>>CInclude allows cocoon:/ protocol, and XInclude tends to be a strict implementation
of the standard. Maybe keeping only XInclude while allowing the cocoon:/ protocol (with a
switch?) would be the better.
> I agree, having both is highly confusing. Moreover, I think that we
> should *not* be using the XInclude namespace on the server side because
> we could get collisions in the future for browsers implementing XInclude
> on the client side.
> For example, suppose you have something like this
>  <blah>
>   <include xmlns="" src=""/>
>   <include xmlns="" src=""/>
>  </blah>
> the first tag should *not* be processed by Cocoon, even by an
> 'including' transformer.
> So, IMO, the best long term solution would be:
>  1) deprecate both XIncludeTransformer and CIncludeTransformer
>  2) change CIncludeTransformer to IncludeTransformer
>  3) make IncludeTransformer work just on a cocoon-specific namespace
> what do you think?

I think that we should leave XInclude transformer in.
Many people think Cocoon is hard to learn. Having as many references as 
possible to standards is essential.

I would suggest that the XInclude transformer takes sitemap parameters 
which specify on which namespace to act. So if no parameters are 
provided it will act on "".

Just like XSLT is useful on the server, XInclude is too.
Although some browsers support XSLT and more will do so in future,
XSLT on the server is valuable. The decision if transformation should be 
applied or not belongs to the sitemap not the transformer.
If XInclude should be left to the client, then the sitemap has to make 
sure that the XIclude transformer is either not applied at all, or at 
least not with the default namespace.



-= Ivelin =-

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