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From "Andrew C. Oliver" <>
Subject Actions and XMLForm
Date Thu, 13 Jun 2002 14:02:14 GMT

I've been working on XMLForm stuff and overall it's nice.  just.....

Actions....I don't really like them.  They smell.  Okay, actually I 
think they might have their place if say
your form handling was really really really complex, but thats not the 
90% case.  (yes I realize they are
part of cocoon and not xmlform)

Is there some way of handling this in the sitemap?  Say

<actionmap name="SampleAction">
   <form name="myform">
        <command name="next"> stuff (like redirecting to the mapping for a page of the 
form or something)
         <command name="cancel">

Furthermore, most beans that I'll be creating are *STUPID*..  Meaning, 
they're something that a C struct would
perfectly satisfy.  In such an event is there a way to just define the 
set of fields:

<formbean name="Customer">
  <field name="firstname" type="string"/>
  <field name="lastname" type="string"/>
  <field name="irateflag" type="boolean"/>

While I'm not sure this should be in say the sitemap, it seems like I 
should be able to define my datatypes in XML


1. Shortens the change/compile/test cycle and increases developer 
2. Saves typing getters and setters
3. Don't Repeat Yourself, if I'm going to create 100 practically 
identical classes, then one must ask, why am I
    creating them at all.
4. Smells like cocoon.  (where Actions and the beans smell like struts)


1. Might require serialization before passing to java code.


1. Pass a DOM tree or something.

While I'm just betting someone already thought of this, in the event 
they didn't I am happy to contribute, though I lack
the in-depth knowledge of cocoon innards to provide it by my lonesome.


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