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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: We need a detailed comparison with Struts
Date Thu, 13 Jun 2002 07:09:14 GMT
TREGAN Fabien wrote:

> Ok, that's what i'm trying to explain, but the problem is that the first
> lines of the firt page of C2 doc says :
> <quote>
>   What is this? 
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
>   Apache Cocoon is an XML publishing framework 
> </quote>
> After I've read docs and made some trying, I no longer agree with this.
> Cocoon (C2) is Web application AND publishing framework.

We held this discussion some time ago. Due to XMLForm and the flowmap, 
we could say there has been progress in that direction since then, but 
still, I don't feel Cocoon should position itself as a webapp framework 
as long as XMLForm and flowmap have been integrated, and thoroughly 
documented (or replaced by another solution). When you approach webapp 
development using Struts, it is clear how to handle it - using Cocoon 
however, there exist a myriad of unfinished possibilities, with no clear 
position on when you should use what, nor the documentation to support 
it. Let's not jump onto the webapp bandwagon too soon and too eager.

> Since the question was "we need a detailed comparison with Struts", I think
> it's imporant in this comparison to make it clear that Cocoon is not "just"
> a publishing framework. If this was made clear in Cocoon docs, Cocoon would
> allready have been choosed for the project i'm working on.

I can only hope such architectural decisions are not solely made based 
on documentation or 'white papers', but also on evaluating design and 

Adding to the comparison discussion, please have a look at in 
that respective.


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