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From Ivelin Ivanov <>
Subject Re: Anteater session support (Re: Anteater tests)
Date Thu, 13 Jun 2002 01:33:34 GMT

Great to know that you're cracking away JUinit reporting and session 
As far as a new HttpClient is concerned, I can care less if session 
support is implemented.

I looked at Anteater code and was surprised how simple and small it is,
yet the scripts can be quite flexible.
The power of code *reuse*.

I am looking at Schematron integration for better error reporting.
Please let me know your thoughts on how to integrate violation list in 
the JUnit reports (see my previous message on the subject).

Actually if JUnit report integration is too hard, you could look at the 
Canoo WebTest reporting. It is also ant based and might be easier to 
integrate with.


PS: If the rest of the Cocoon people think this thread is OT, let me 
know. Since Cocoon doesn't have a functional testing framework itself,
I find Anteater as an important component.

Jeff Turner wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 11, 2002 at 11:40:24PM -0500, Ivelin Ivanov wrote:
>>Do you have any fresh ideas/code on session support.
>>Latka's <session> tag is nice.
>>How hard would it be to do this for Anteater?
>>Is it just about receiving and resending cookies.
> I'll take a break from JUnit formatting (taking longer than I thought),
> and have a play tonight. It shouldn't be too hard at all. Just a Session
> 'DataType' object shared among HttpRequest objects, eg:
> <project name="Anteater">
>     <session id="mySession"/>
>     <target name="test1">
>       <http>
>         <httpRequest ....>
>           <session refid="mySession"/>
>         </httpRequest>
>         <httpRequest ....>
>           <session refid="mySession"/>
>         </httpRequest>
>         ...
>       </http>
>     </target>
> </project>
>>Ovidiu mentioned possibly using another HttpClient lib, that will make
>>session support easier. Did you guys decide on this?
> Well, the 'correct' way to fix the problem is to turf out Ovidiu's
> lovingly handcrafted HttpMessage class ;) and write an Ant interface to
> HttpClient (either Commons' or the one). This would also
> allow Anteater to test Tomcat4-hosted apps (see bug
> Big change though. A HttpClient-Ant interface would be a project in it's
> own right. Probably can be done post-1.0 for Anteater.
> --Jeff


-= Ivelin =-

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