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From ROSSEL Olivier <>
Subject RE: wikiLand Cocoon Application 0.1
Date Thu, 06 Jun 2002 09:40:55 GMT
> > Built with Cocoon, the Chaperon parser and the slash-edit 
> > system, using the
> > Wiki syntax, here is the announcement of the first Alpha release of
> > "wikiLand".
> > Available at, a .war of 
> C2.0.2+chaperon+wikiLand is
> > available.
> >
> Great stuff!
> I have not tried it yet, though I will.
> I am doing some work on <slash-edit/> and 
> SourceWritingTransformer at the moment, I was thinking of adding 
> a Wiki Editor, but you beat me to it! ;)
> Incidentally, I built a new test that replicates the "broken 
> example" you made a while ago.
> I did not expect it to work, but it did!

I hope it will be available in C2.0.3.

> ie. I was able to have a file read, modified and written all in 
> one pipeline!

I think it was a race condition.
Rewriting some parts of the internal stuff must have correct that naturely.

> Regardless of whether wikiLand gets integrated into 
> <slash-edit/> as a sample or not (shall I?) .... I am changing 
> the <source:write/> tag.
> When Carsten added the new <source:insert/> tag into SWT, he 
> devised a new scheme for the parameters, I am modifying 
> <source:write/> to be the same.
> Instead of attributes, we have elements.
> <source:write>
> 	<source:source>[Required] the path to the Source</source:source>
> 	<source:fragment>[Required] the content to write to 
> Source</source:fragment>
> 	<source:path>[Optional] Place the fragment at this XPath 
> into the Source</source:path>
> </source:write>
> My system went ga ga the other night, I have not committed the 
> changes yet.

For the moment, I plan to release wikiLand and other software 
I work on only for STABLE releases of Cocoon.
Will all these features appear in the next STABLE release?

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