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From Christian Haul <>
Subject Re: [RT] Flowmaps
Date Sat, 22 Jun 2002 22:10:01 GMT
Christian Haul wrote:

>Anyway, given that we are going to be able to use input modules in
>the sitemap through "{modulename:parameter}" it would be great if it
>would be the same for the flow.
>Just another thought (I'm not yet up to speed with the flow so ignore
>if I'm talking rubbish): Is it possible (and would it make sense) to
>call an action like
>result = actions('database', { 'parameter' :'value', 'parameter2' : 'value'});
>With the script engine adding the 'usual' parameters
>for the act call and result being an associative array containing the
>returned map. This way we could continue using all the nice actions. :-)
Ovidiu, Sylvain,

I spend some time to look into both treeprocessor and flow. In order to 
achieve the above and input modules in sitemap I would need two things:

a) reference to the sitemap's component manager in flow. I have found two 
   possibilities, either extending some routines' signatures (many modifications)
   or placing it into the Environment. But I seem not to find the place where it 
   is created. It seems related to CocoonComponentManager.getCurrentEnvironment() but
   I didn't quite understand the mechanics.
   Another issue would be components / classes that use a ComponentManager 
   without implementing Composable.... but that should be OK(?)
   What do you think? Pointers?

b) to get input modules support into the sitemap, a reference to the
   ComponentManager is needed in several places to pass it to 
   MapStackResolver.getResolver. Again, I'm unsure what the best strategy
   would be here. Suggestions?


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