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From Christian Haul <>
Subject Re: getBlob patch for esql
Date Mon, 10 Jun 2002 12:32:16 GMT
On 10.Jun.2002 -- 07:56 AM, Roger I Martin PhD wrote:
> Hi,
> Testing today.
> Perhaps because reading xsl format is not my strong suit, I am not seeing
> how the esql:parameter could help push a blob into a database.  I'll have to
> test.  I looked at the callable statement example

Oh no, it doesn't help. It's only that I wanted to point out that esql does
use PreparedStatements. There is no BLOB support.

> Object types by the esql:parameter. Blobs are an interface and ResultSets
> return them but when you need to set one, a significant implementation is
> required.


> If esql:parameter can do it then the Blob implementation would need to be
> present in the xsp; when you say it should be done in an action you mean
> there needs to be something like

*Personnally,* I prefer insert/update/delete to happen in the sitemap using
the DatabaseActions. XSP is IMHO best for selects.

> byte[] buffer=new byte[size];
> ....
> <esql:set-byte-array-as-blob>buffer<esql:set-byte-array-as-blob>
> ...

Don't see any other possibility, but then I haven't worked with BLOBs so far.
Only one would want to use <esql:parameter type="blob"><xsp:expr>buffer</xsp:expr></esql:parameter>

> Which is relevant:)  This way an xsp author need not have an implementation
> of a Blob lying around; It would be implemented and applied internally
> relieving an xsp author of the task.
> Also with jdk1.4 there is the java.nio package which allows other arrays of
> primitives such as double to be treated as a byte array and can then be
> blobbed.  Therefore there could be esql:set-double-array-as-blob,
> esql:get-double-array-from-blob, etc.
> I'm having good success with Cocoon; have data flowing from Blobs and
> queries to svg charts and graphs from a crystallography database which is
> output from a semiconductor metrology tool.  It is very fast and robust.
> Very close to applying the Java Advance Imaging JAI API to generate image
> and color contour plots from more scientific data.  The tool can be
> controlled and data can be viewed outside clean rooms with our Cocoon
> powered webapp.  I plan to develop a smaller illustration of what I am doing
> some time this year and provide it as a Cocoon example.

Sounds cool!


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