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From David Haraburda <>
Subject Re: ClassLoader issues
Date Mon, 10 Jun 2002 06:10:34 GMT

On Sun, 2002-06-09 at 16:28, Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
> The real reason: Cocoon is not a Servlet.
> Cocoon conceptually lives in the same space of Tomcat, not on top of it.

I certainly agree that conceptually Cocoon is much more than a simple
servlet -- it is a large and complex system.  However in actuality it
runs as a web application, so I think it is only appropriate that it
acts in compliance with the necessary specifications.

> Cocoon is generally a servlet out of need, since it eases deployment on
> existing systems.

I can understand with a large project like Cocoon, many things will have
to be done that a normal web application wouldn't do -- the main issue I
am trying to raise here is that I feel it is unnecessary for Cocoon to
ever override the ContextClassLoader -- and I appreciate any and all
feedback on this.

> I'm +1 for having this behaviour being toggeled effectively by the param, so
> I will commit your patch if there are no -1s.

Thanks for the vote and for your time, it is appreciated.


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