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From "Ivelin Ivanov" <>
Subject Re: Parameterizing Sitemap with XMLForms
Date Fri, 07 Jun 2002 04:06:57 GMT


The cause for the exception is

<map:parameter name="xmlform-validator-schema"

The value should point to a path which the SourceResolver passed to the
AbstractXMLFormAction can locate and load.

I am not quite sure what is the layout of the directories in your case.

A sitemap expert should be able to help with this one.
If I am not mistaken {1} references the first variable in the current
while {../1} references the first variable in the parent sitemap.

What do you think the bug in AbstractXMLFormAction is?


----- Original Message -----
From: "Brian Topping" <>
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, June 06, 2002 5:46 AM
Subject: Parameterizing Sitemap with XMLForms

Hi all,

So I am trying to parameterize a sitemap that I am using with forms and
running into an interesting situation.  I don't know enough about components
and actions yet, but this may be a bug in AbstractXMLFormAction.  (I've
changed the names in the code below, but it's just Heidi's example...)

Sitemap snippet:

<map:match pattern="bill2forms/*.html">
<map:act type="HowtoWizardAction">
<!-- XMLForm parameters for the HowtoWizardAction -->
<map:parameter name="xmlform-validator-schema-ns"
<map:parameter name="xmlform-validator-schema"
<map:parameter name="xmlform-id" value="form-{1}"/>
<map:parameter name="xmlform-scope" value="session"/>
<map:parameter name="xmlform-model"
<!-- Content transformation logic -->
<map:generate src="forms/{../1}/{page}.xml"/>
<map:transform type="xmlform" label="xml"/>
<map:transform src="forms/{../1}/wizard2html.xsl"/>
<map:transform src="context://stylesheets/xmlform/xmlform2html.xsl"/>
<map:serialize type="html"/>

If you look at the parameterization, all of the <map:parameters> use "{1}",
but all the other components are sent "{../1}".  This is what it takes to
get the sitemap interpreter to be happy and put the start page on the
screen.  But when it comes to clicking on the "Start" link on the first form
page, the following exception is generated:

org.apache.avalon.framework.CascadingRuntimeException:  Failed loading
validating schema

I wouldn't mind submitting the patch, but I'm not confident enough yet of
the semantics of parameterization to know if I am doing the right thing.  I
presume that the problem is in AbstractXMLFormAction by the fact that the
other components weren't changed, but that kind of hunch is not a very
responsible manner in which to submit a patch...

If it takes longer to describe than it does to fix, I can wait for the next
bug in order to put some work in.  But I do want to learn about the
semantics of parameterization more, and I only really know about {../*} from
a post that Vadim made a long time back.  Is there a full explanation of
this anywhere?  (RTFM?)



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