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From Diana Shannon <>
Subject Re: [doc] live site update report
Date Sat, 08 Jun 2002 18:39:03 GMT

On Saturday, June 8, 2002, at 01:41  PM, Andrew Savory wrote:

>> I'm adding notices at the top of any doc related to 2.1. It's the same
>> notice that appears in the WARNING note in the 2.1 branch.
> Ah, that makes a lot of sense, and should help keep track of new 
> features
> etc for people upgrading from older versions. RT: maybe it's worth
> flagging versions (eg "Since: 2.0.1" or "Since: 2.1") on new 
> documentation
> (or documentation about new features)? Although I guess the changelog is
> used for this, too...

No, it's not a RT at all, you're quite on target. It would be nice to 
include meta info in documents which relate to any component/version 
dependencies. It would be nice to automatically flag (during 
transformation)  any doc which was "last checked" against an alpha or 
old release. This will inform/alert users (until an 
author/editor/reviewer could update the content and/or "last checked 
status"). FAQs, in particular, get out of date rather quickly.


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