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From <>
Subject Q: Internals of XSLT transformer
Date Fri, 10 May 2002 12:51:49 GMT

(Since I am reaching a very hard deadline the next week, I don't have the
time to figure this out myself. Therefore I hope someone on this list can
help me)

since the communication between the different elements of a pipeline
happen via SAX events in the Cocoon model, I was wondering how XPath
references are implemented in the XSLT transformer?

An example to clarify my question:
Suppose I have this XML document


And in my XSLT stylesheets I have:

<template match="section[position()=last()]">
	<value-of select="title"/>
	Title of the first section:
	<value-of select="//section[position()=1]/title"/>

I want to know how the backward reference
(//section[position()=1]/title) is implemented?

Tnx in advance,


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