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Subject Re: [RT] Cocoon Exception Handling Infrastructure
Date Tue, 21 May 2002 06:52:48 GMT


> In the sake of fairness, exception reporting is much friendlier in 2.1 than
> before. However much remains to be improved.
> I was wondering if someone else shares my observations and thinks it's time
> to lay out a design for better exception reporting infrastructure.

> I think that one of the biggest psychological barriers for Cocoon users is
> that they can't easily start writing simple apps. Cocoon is not very
> forgiving with bad input, while at the same time its exception reporting is
> often misleading the developer instead of pinpointing the problem.

Users perspective:  Cocoon stack traces are intimidating, and sometimes useless.
through log files is more helpful, but sometimes Cocoon just dumps its errors
the browser window and there is nothing in the log files (or maybe I just can't
find it).

Components (like Transformers) that don't report enough information to locate
syntax errors are especially frustrating.  I use incremental development
approach:  change
as few lines as possible, then retest. If I get a null ponter error resulting
from a simple typo,
I can at least home in on the error.


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