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Subject HttpRequest.getParameter(..) can fail with NPE when characterencoding is set
Date Thu, 23 May 2002 14:32:57 GMT
Hi there - I found a small tiny problem and think I've solved it.

I'm running cocoon 2.0.2 inside Jboss 3.0 RC 3 (using the Jetty web 
container) -- works fine!

But living in Denmark I'd like to submit forms containing the ÆØÅ 
characters; Æ &OSlash; and Å for those speaking HTML. But it 
seems that the Jetty container is not setting any character encoding on 
the request and I thus have to set one myself; which is fine 'cause Cocoon 
ships with the SetCharacterEncodingAction; and I've verified that this 
action sets up the right character encoding for me -- the characters are 
propagated to my CMP 2.0 Beans nicely.

If, however, I then add an action that pulls a parameter from the Request 
(taken from the ObjectModel) - and that parameter is not present in the 
request, I get a Null Pointer Exception:



   ...(more staktrace)

Because: when the org.apache.cocoon.environment.http.HttpRequest has it's 
own defined character encoding, it will always call the "decode(String)" 
method - which assumes that the passed String is non-null.

I know that I can easily work around this - but looking at the other 
actions in the org.apache.cocoon.acting package I can see that many of 
them do: "if (request.getParameter("something") != null)" or similar, and 
thus will start failing if the "SetCharacterEncodingAction" is executed 

I have made a small correction to the "encode(String)" that checks for 
null; and it works for me.
The check is merely: if (str == null) return null; as a first test in the 

I hope this will qualify for CVS ... ;-)

Jakob Dalsgaard
Vesterbrogade 149
1620 København V
Tlf.:   70 25 80 30
Fax.: 70 25 80 31

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