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Subject Re: Action XSP
Date Thu, 16 May 2002 22:24:17 GMT
                      Piroumian"               To:       <>
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            >                   Subject:  Re: Action XSP               
                      05/16/02 08:11 AM                                                  
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>From: "Artur Bialecki" <>

>> Actions are great, however it would be nice If
>> I could dynamically create them with XSP so in
>> my sitemap I have:
>> <map:action
>>   name="my-action"
>>   src="/actions/my-action.xsp"
>>   logger=""
>> />
>> Where my-action.xsp gets trasfomed to java using
>> some action.xsl, builtin and custom logicsheets.
>> Cocoon already has everything I need other than the
>> action.xsl.

>Are you looking for this:
>ction.xsl ?

>> How would I go about adding this functionality?
>> Where do I start?

>May I ask a question? Why do you need an XSP based action? IMHO, actions
>should be pure Java classes that perform some programmatic logic and you
>have Generators for XML generation, based on the result from actions.

>Are there any real use-cases?


What about dynamically generating a form action from XML/XSP?  Currently in
XMLForm you must create your own action to change "controller" behavior (i.e.
how navigation works and other stuff).  What if you have hundreds (thousands) of
forms with different controllers?  What if you build 20 different forms every
day?  Wouldn't it be easier to describe these controllers in xml/xsp than in
java?  This could even be part of some larger abstract form description which
would also describe data model in xml/xsp.  From larger abstraction would come and  Model, view, and controller would all be described
in xml. Think markup developers rather than programmers/engineers.

Am I being crazy here?


> Thanks,
> Artur...
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