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From "Artur Bialecki" <>
Subject RE: Action XSP
Date Thu, 16 May 2002 16:04:19 GMT

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Konstantin Piroumian []
> From: "Artur Bialecki" <>
> >
> > Actions are great, however it would be nice If
> > I could dynamically create them with XSP so in
> > my sitemap I have:
> > <map:action
> >   name="my-action"
> >   src="/actions/my-action.xsp"
> >   logger=""
> > />
> >
> > Where my-action.xsp gets trasfomed to java using
> > some action.xsl, builtin and custom logicsheets.
> >
> > Cocoon already has everything I need other than the
> > action.xsl.
> Are you looking for this:
> xml-cocoon2\src\java\org\apache\cocoon\components\language\markup\xsp\java\a
> ction.xsl ?

Yes (I think so), thanks.

> >
> > How would I go about adding this functionality?
> > Where do I start?
> May I ask a question? Why do you need an XSP based action? IMHO, actions
> should be pure Java classes that perform some programmatic logic and you
> have Generators for XML generation, based on the result from actions.
> Are there any real use-cases?

I use cocoon to provide a GUI for large enterprise
application, so there are lots of forms, lots of logic,
lots of error checking which means lots of redirects.
When proting from C1 I found that I need lots of 
custom actions. Also, our GUI masters who know XSL
very well (but no deep Java knowledge) found that
is easy to do logic they need using builtin and
custom taglibs I provided. This way they can control
the complex navigation themselves without wasting
time taking to me and waiting for me to write java
logic for them.
I also like the shorten development cycle since I 
can quicky test my actions on a live system without
the recompile/redeploy/restart (iAS needs restarting)

So I don't want generate XML in my actions. I want
to control flow based on business logic provided by
my ejbs. I'm also looking into writing custom
matches/selectors for this purpose.

One last reason is that we let our customers write
their own custom interfaces. It's a lot easier to
tell them: Copy and modify given action xsp, update
your site map and you're done.


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