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From "Per Kreipke" <>
Subject Nested map:parameter sets...
Date Fri, 31 May 2002 16:28:35 GMT
I'm new at C2 but it seems to me from looking at sitemap.xsl that the
following (valid) sitemap snippet would result in some unintended code:

<map:match patter="client.xml">
 	<map:parameter name="client" value="magnet" />

 	<map:generate src="config/{client}.xml">
		<map:parameter name="affiliate" value="onclave" />
	<map:transform src="config/output.xsl">
		<map:parameter name="title" value="foo" />
 	<map:serialize type="xml" />

Every map:parameter generates a section of code that begins with:

param = new Parameters();

which would override outer parameter declarations.

This would definitely happen in the specific XSL template
"map:match//map:match" since there's no nested 'Parameters param'

Here's where I show my ignorance: shouldn't in fact the parameters be a
stack? I know that the MapResolver gets involved so maybe the implementation
already is a stack.

Per Kreipke

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