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From "Per Kreipke" <>
Subject Sitemap parameters failing...
Date Fri, 31 May 2002 16:07:33 GMT
In the following test sitemap fragment, I thought I was doing something
wrong because I couldn't get the sitemap to compile:

<map:match patter="client.xml">
	<map:parameter name="client" value="magnet" />

	<map:generate src="config/{client}.xml" />
	<map:serialize type="xml" />

When I look at the sitemap.xsl code I think I see why: the generated java
fragment below is wrong, param is initialized outside the function
definition for the matcher.

param = new Parameters();
param.setParameter("client", "magnet");

private final boolean matchN10002D(.....) throws ...
	Parameters param;



- this is not an issue for the other instances where map:parameter is used
(e.g. in map:act, map:select, etc) because those are called from within the
function generated by "map:match".

- I think the same bug exists in both XSL templates for "map:match" and

- I'm using C2 (RC1 I think) and this bug still exists in the current code
when I look at the CVS code.


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