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From Diana Shannon <>
Subject Re: document status flags [was: Re: Document Gestation Process?]
Date Wed, 01 May 2002 23:41:22 GMT

On May 1, 2002, Steven Noels wrote:

> As far as visualizing process and state is concerned, metadata stored
> inside the documents are a valid option, and we haven taken this in
> account for our 'book.xml-nuker' Generator we are working on (to be
> released to Forrest, no commit rights over here). Basically, 'libre' as
> we will call it, is a DirectoryGenerator-on-steroids offering you the
> possibility to generate an XML listing of a (directory) hierarchy using
> a filtering mask based on regex and XPath expressions, sorting them
> using information gathered using regexes and XPaths, and providing
> labels for the traversed resources using them, too.


>> I assumed CVS branches come in to play when document is either in
>> process (in head) or finished (in release). Am I overlooking other
>> features of cvs branches? I guess I'd also prefer to apply a Cocoon
>> solution to project management, however primitive it may be at the
>> outset.
> Just bear in mind that we have no live Cocoon instance to host such a
> thing, yet. We will have a test setup to generate static HTML that can
> be published on ASF servers however.

Well, theoretically, every distribution of Cocoon can be used 
dynamically. Just because Cocoon's live site is static-only doesn't mean 
we can't exploit more dynamic capabilities (like lucene) in what we 
could distribute/make available for content development/management aids.


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