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From "Chris Parkerson" <>
Subject RE: [xml-dev] [ANN] Ipedo Web Express 3.0
Date Fri, 31 May 2002 16:55:24 GMT

Sorry for the delay in response as I've actually been on vacation.
There are three major reasons for the choices that were made:

- Market share: we also support ASP in addition to JSP - these are the
two technologies that are prevalent with web developers and our own
- Ease of integration with existing tools: by providing JSP Tag
Libraries and .NET components, we can integrate more easily with
existing tools such as Macromedia Dreamweaver, Adobe GoLive, and
Microsoft Visual Studio .NET.
- Flatter learning curve: introducing XSP as well as other Cocoon-isms
would hamper acceptance by our customers who are already familiar with
the more popular ASP and JSP technologies.

We investigated Cocoon as-is and retrofitting Cocoon to take advantage
of our platform was deemed too resource intensive.  Our pipelining
mechanism is easily configurable through our UI and takes advantage of
all of the built-in XQuery, XSLT processing, user profile management and
personalization, and in-memory indexing capabilities of our underlying
platform.  While admittedly not as elaborate or advanced as the Cocoon
2.0 pipelining model, it does bring the concept more easily within the
reach of our customers for the current web publishing projects they are
working on.

Hope this clears some things up.

Chris Parkerson
Product Manager
Direct (650)306-4027
Fax    (650)306-4001

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From: Steven Noels [] 
Sent: Monday, May 20, 2002 9:55 AM
Cc: Chris Parkerson
Subject: FW: [xml-dev] [ANN] Ipedo Web Express 3.0

Cocoon-inspired, but JSP-based commercial product from Ipedo.

>>From the whitepapers:

<quote>Web Express is modeled on the Cocoon 2.0 web-publishing framework
from the Apache group, but is focused on web application development,
rather than simply document publishing. The key concept taken from
Cocoon is that of "pipelining," that is, the gathering of data from a
variety of sources on the fly, with repurposing and transformation of
the resulting "new" documents for delivery to a variety of target


why was there a preference for JSP?


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From: Chris Parkerson []
Sent: maandag 20 mei 2002 18:46
Subject: [xml-dev] [ANN] Ipedo Web Express 3.0

Ipedo Web Express 3.0 is the newest member of the Ipedo Dynamic
Information Suite and leverages the powerful XML integration,
management, and personalization capabilities of the Suite to accelerate
development of web applications utilizing XML content.  Ipedo Web
Express is a flexible and easy-to-use framework developers can use to
quickly leverage XML in their Web sites and portals.  Ipedo Web Express
allows organizations to reduce the complexity of site style changes,
reuse existing content assets in new applications, and streamline
development for new dynamic Web applications.

Ipedo Web Express provides:

    -- Modular Content Processing - XML Pipelining, a stepwise model for
       processing XML content, breaks down complicated eXtensible
       Language (XSL) transformations into manageable pipeline steps.
       Pipelines also allow complex, multi-step processing via XSL and
    -- Simple Tag Execution - Tag libraries for JavaServer Pages (JSP)
       Active Server Pages (ASP) make inclusion of XML content into
       Web pages as simple as adding tags.
    -- Cross-Document Content Combination - By leveraging the XQuery
	 capabilities of the Ipedo XML Database, Ipedo Web Express
allows XML
	 document fragments from multiple sources to be combined
	 into new dynamic documents.
    -- Open Development Environment - Ipedo Web Express is built
	 on standards such as XML, XSL and XQuery and fully supports
	 utilizing either J2EE-compliant or Microsoft .Net compliant web
	 application platforms.

Ipedo Web Express is available for free evaluation as part of the new
Ipedo Learning Edition which includes Web Express and the award-winning
Ipedo XML Database.  The Ipedo Learning Edition is available free to
registered users of the Ipedo Developer Network (IDN) at IDN is a valuable new online resource
for XML application developers and users of Ipedo products.  IDN is a
direct link to the development and support resources as well as the
thought leadership within Ipedo, and includes the Developer Community, a
collection of forums designed to connect developers to the technical
resources within Ipedo and to other Ipedo users.


Chris Parkerson
Product Manager
Direct (650)306-4027
Fax    (650)306-4001

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