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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject nice editor app
Date Wed, 15 May 2002 09:27:05 GMT
Dear All,

Sorry if this is noise ....

I just found a new (to me) editor that works very well with XML. 
It is a general purpose code editor which merely has facilities 
for XML.

JEdit <>

What I like about it:

	handles entity resolution catalogs
	validates while typing
	tag completion
	XML tree view
	XSLT processor (not working ?)
	macros in javaish language
	ftp plugin (no webdav or html upload .... yet?)

The folding is very nice! It works by using the indentation of 
your XML to put arrows down the left hand side of the editing 
pane, allowing you to show/hide parts of your tag hierarchy. 
This is a feature I have long missed since I stopped using 

JEdit has a large number of optional plugins, they are 
downloaded via the App itself, some of the functionality above 
requires plugins not included with the dist, so do have a look 
at what is available.

Hope this helps

regards Jeremy

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