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From Ola Berg <>
Subject Re: RedHat patent application
Date Wed, 29 May 2002 06:58:19 GMT
RedHat\'s patent applications seems to me to be basically: let the OS of the server contain
the static part of protocol\'s responses, so that the OS can start with quick responses while
it looks up the dynamic parts.

The technique is well known from many if not all stand alone servers (and the idea is somewhat
presented in GoF:s \"Design Patterns\" as well), the \"invention\" would be that the OS itself
contains support for different protocols. Should this application pass, it will become impossible
to integrate existing servers directly into the OS, which itself is a trivial idea. 

How can you fight this kind of evil, when an \"inventor\" simply combines two trivial techniques
(static response objects in servers and integrating servers into the OS)?

What about a prior arts database, where submitters present their \"Open Ideas\" long before
someone has the time to turn the idea into an Open Source implementation? 

The ideas might very well be presented in the same form as a patent application, so that we
who have the ideas quickly can publish them before some patent applicant hijacks them. I have
about twelve \"inventions\" (simple combinations of well known techniques) in my head, but
not the time to realize everyone. 

It would be good to publish them in a well known central repository, so that patent watchers
can remind the patent offices that this-and-this application is already invented.


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