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From Diana Shannon <>
Subject Re: Docs: next steps scratchpad and new mailing list
Date Fri, 03 May 2002 10:59:45 GMT

On May 3, 2002, David Crossley wrote:

> To keep the documentation drive moving, there are a couple
> of obvious next steps.
It's moving. I'm just sparing cocoon-dev the noisy details.

> A) Establish a new area under scratchpad for the Draft
> documentation, probably at src/scratchpad/documentation/
> I will start to investigate that, though i will certainly need help
> with Cocoon's Ant build.xml files ... wow, they are complex.
I've been thinking about it too. Perhaps we should talk off-list.

> B) Set up the new mail list cocoon-docs (or is it cocoon-doc).
> I do not know how to go about that. However, i can see a
> couple of issues already ...
Can we wait just a second on this? How about deciding next week?  I'm 
trying to contact people involved in existing document projects for 
hints about starting out. A lot of doc projects die, particularly 
list-based projects, and I just want to make *very sure* we're not 
jumping the gun by migrating this very nascent effort off cocoon-dev 
just yet.

> - The list needs a moderator. I recently read from "apmail"
> that all apache lists need moderation for first-time postings,
> so as to eliminate spam opportunities. Or the list be set up
> to automatically reject postings from those not subscribed.
> Or a combination of both. We need to minimise the work here.
> - We should keep the list a little covert until we have set up
> some procedures and guidelines, and we have the scratchpad
> ready. Then we can use the announcement opportunity later
> for more benefit.

Yes, and it makes *no* sense to announce it until guidelines for 
contributors are in place. I should have these ready soon, but I'm just 
trying to be deliberate about it. Sorry. I have a *really* hard time 
throwing up drafts expecting someone else to finish it for me.


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