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From Jason Foster <>
Subject Sitemap Visualization
Date Fri, 03 May 2002 00:51:01 GMT
Thanks to the magic of dot (, I've attached a png of a 
small subset of the old example sitemap.  It's very much a proof of concept,
  but I'm pretty sure that given a little more experimentation it should be 
possible to format the graph such that the entire sitemap can be included 
and still look good.

I'm currently creating the .dot file by hand, but based on my experiments 
it should be very straightforward to do this using XSLT (someone has done 
this for their bookmarks already).  The only negative is that dot is not 
implemented in Java.

What would be really cool (and actually fairly doable given enough time) 
would be to leave the graph in SVG form and to link it to the output of the 
log.  Assuming that the log indicates which sitemap node is being fired at 
a particular time, a little javascript could highlight that node in the SVG,
  allowing someone to watch how a request gets handled.

Jason Foster

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