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From "Morrison, John" <>
Subject [VOTE] Patching unstable (was: RE: [docs] opensource and quality control)
Date Wed, 15 May 2002 10:14:14 GMT
> From: Gerhard Froehlich []
> >I think that we already have this. It is the duty of the
> >committer to undertake initial quality control when they
> >accept the patch from Bugzilla and prepare for their
> >commit. If they do not know anything about the topic, then
> >they should not be taking on the patch - let someone else
> >do it.
> Who is someone else? Patches in bugzilla are very lonely in
> the moment. There are simply not applied. Why? Because there
> about 600 classes in Cocoon, about 10 active committers and
> nobody feels responsible. It's easy to say, oh I didn't
> wrote this code, therefor I can't apply this patch. But
> patches like NPE fixes, can be applied by every committer, I
> swear!

Good point.  Head is unstable so what do people think; have a
blitz and apply all the patches that can be?  If a patch can't
be applied mark it as needing updated?


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