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From Diana Shannon <>
Subject Re: [WARN] Strange things
Date Wed, 22 May 2002 13:35:35 GMT

On Wednesday, May 22, 2002, Konstantin Piroumian wrote:

> There are many other JARs that have some unknown (to me) purpose. There 
> is a
> jars.xml document that should list all the used jars, but it's out of 
> date
> now. (Btw, Diana, can we force everybody who is adding a new jar to 
> update
> the documentation accordingly?)

How could I, or anyone, *force* "everybody" (or anyone) to do anything 
here? Why would I want to?

Look, if you feel something needs to be done, think about how to build 
in support community mechanisms to encourage the behavior you want. 
Build those mechanisms, or at least, add a todo item to plan/todo-
doc.xml. Or write a how-to commit new jars to the cvs repository. Or, 
add a README with instructions to the jars directory. Or email a 
friendly reminder to committers who aren't updating jars.xml when you 
read their cvs commit emails. Or, update the jars.xml yourself if those 
committing jars don't have time. You probably have better ideas... The 
fact that you're raising the issue on cocoon-dev may be sufficient.

Open source documentation coordination shouldn't be the role of a single 
person. Even if I had time to do everything everyone thinks a 
"documentation coordinator" should do, well, it's simply not sustainable 
over the long run. It will only succeed if documentation coordination is 
a group effort. Accordingly, David and I have outlined its preliminary 
objectives in the todo-doc.xml. Right now, I'm focusing on building 
community contribution mechanisms. I feel that's the most strategic use 
of my available time. Later, I'd like to address existing doc issues 
like this. But your help on such issues, now, would be even better. BTW, 
there's plenty of other documentation todos to share, if anyone else has 
an itch.


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