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Subject RE: [RT]: Calculating the cache key
Date Mon, 27 May 2002 15:39:15 GMT


the current Interface of CacheableProcessingComponent:

public interface CacheableProcessingComponent {

     * Generate the unique key.
     * This key must be unique inside the space of this component.
     * This method must be invoked before the generateValidity() method.
     * @return The generated key or <code>0</code> if the component
     *              is currently not cacheable.
    long generateKey();

     * Generate the validity object.
     * Before this method can be invoked the generateKey() method
     * must be invoked.
     * @return The generated validity object or <code>null</code> if the
     *         component is currently not cacheable.
    SourceValidity generateValidity();

why not using Object as a return value of "generateKey" ? I think this is more
flexible and allows the implementation of Compound keys.


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