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From (Carlos)
Subject Re: [vote] cocoon-docs
Date Tue, 07 May 2002 15:18:16 GMT
David, John, et al:

I would very strongly recommend against increasing traffic on one list by
piping another lists output to it.  I believe that the nature documentation
discussion is parallel to the development process.

I would also caution against mass subscribing people to cocoon-docs. I would
much rather let people self select into the docs list. That way we have only
the people who are interested in participating in the documentation effort
to be on the list.

As for crossposting, I have an idea. Find a way to automate reports back to
cocoon-dev using something similar to what Nikola Ken uses for reporting
patches.  It would imply creating a documentation catergory in Bugzilla but
it would be a better answer than crossposting or posting to Cocoon-dev IMO

Thought, comments?

On 05/07/02 2:05, "David Crossley" <> wrote:

> Gerhard Froehlich wrote:
>> +0 here.
>> I'm not 100% convinced, that we can seperate the document
>> process from the development process this clear.
>> I'm afraid that will cause lots of cross postings in both
>> lists.
> I too am concerned on this front. However, i think that there
> is a solution.
> If the docs list knew that every dev was subscribed and so
> was getting the postings anyway, then there is no need to
> cross-post. This could be written in to some guidelines,
> which could be occasionally posted to the list as a reminder.
> We have the excellent idea that John declared, that new
> people joining the dev list would automatically get -docs
> and -cvs lists. So what do with the existing developers?
> Perhaps it is possible to subscribe the whole existing dev
> list to cocoon-docs at commencement. Is that too radical?
> --David
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