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From (Carlos)
Subject Re: [vote] cocoon-docs
Date Mon, 06 May 2002 13:01:07 GMT

There are two types of documentation for any given project. The first type
is the one you mentioned where the user writes the documentation of what he
learnt and the process he followed to get things working.

The second type, which I think Diana is looking for, is the more formal
documentation like what now exists on the web site. It is created by
developers and documents the software itself and the more complicated or
obscure features of the software.  This second type of documentation would
benefit from a separate list to reduce the signal to noise radio on both the
cocoon-users and cocoon-dev list.

I would like to see this happen and I would like to collaborate

On 05/06/02 5:49, "Christian Haul" <>

> On 06.May.2002 -- 08:03 AM, Diana Shannon wrote:
>> I'm ready to put my full support behind the creation of a separate docs
>> lists for the documentation effort *if* enough developers on this list
>> will agree to monitor the list and participate when their expertise is
>> needed. Otherwise, the list will die, and we'll have to move the
>> discussion back to cocoon-dev.
>> I hope developers will consider it a good investment of their time to
>> contribute feedback to authors on the doc-list who may need a few
>> pointers now and then. This investment should pay off by reducing your
>> need to answer a lot of "low-level" questions on the user list.
>> I think a separate list will accelerate the documentation effort,
>> particularly in the planning stages. I also think it will provide a more
>> inviting, less formal way for authors to get feedback on their
>> contributions.
> I beg to differ: I believe the cost to join the documentation team is
> much higher if it were a separate community. I even tend to say that
> the cocoon-users list would be the best place for it! I think that
> many documents were produced by new users that learned cocoon the hard
> way and have written down their findings to help others. Well, at
> least the documents I wrote started that way :-)
> In addition, documentation efforts will be more visible to the
> outside, which will be more motivating.
> So I'm -1 on this.
> Anyway, I would subscribe to such a list and sort it to the same inbox
> as cocoon-users and cocoon-dev, so I wouldn't be able to tell the
> difference ;-)
> Chris.

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