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From Diana Shannon <>
Subject Re: Javadocs: need basic package information
Date Sun, 05 May 2002 11:45:55 GMT
On May 4, 2002, David Crossley wrote:

A lot of helpful suggestions!

> These are other tasks to be added to the "To Do" list for the
> general documentation project ...

Clearly a to-do list is the first of *several* management/planning files 
the doc effort needs. Where should it reside? I'm don't think it belongs 
in the root cvs directory (similar to todo.xml) but in a separate 
directory. David, you referred to an earlier discussion on cocoon-dev 
related to planning docs. What did you conclude? Do we need a new 
mgmt/plan directory at the root project level, with a docs subdirectory, 
for such files? Or should it be inside src/documentation? I'm no cvs 
guru, so please advise. I have a number of items to add to your list. My 
version is based on todo.xml.

If you set it up, where you see fit, I'll add to it. Or, advise me where 
to put mine.



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