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From Stuart Roebuck <>
Subject How to implement byte range support?
Date Fri, 31 May 2002 14:42:10 GMT
I really need to get byte range support working in Cocoon 2 with the 
ResourceReader as it appears  that some audio players just will not 
accept MP3 files if the server does not provide byte-range support (e.g. 
Windows Media Player) even after I patched Cocoon 2.0.2 to no longer 
advertise byte-range support (e.g. change the Accept-Ranges:bytes header 
to Accept-Ranges:none). I have a site which is using Cocoon based access 
control mechanisms to deliver the files so I can't easily serve the 
files from a non-Cocoon based server.

I would appreciate some advice on how best to tackle this...

I presume that I could try adding support directly into ResourceReader, 
but I would have to disable the CachingStreamPipeline or add the range 
data into the cache key - otherwise a partial output would be cached 
rather than the whole file.  However, adding the range to the cache key 
might significantly reduce the hit rate and rapidly fill the cache.

The more favorable approach, assuming that I'm on the write track, would 
be to add support to the Pipeline so that the generator (the 
ResourceReader in this case) would act as normal, and the 
CachingOutputStream would cache the entire Resource, but the 
CachingStreamPipeline and StreamPipeline would both be altered to return 
only the request byte ranges.

Do any of these suggestions seem sensible or is this more complex than 
I'm imagining?

(I would prefer to change 2.0.2 rather than move the live site to a more 
recent non-release version.)



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