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From Steven Sedlmeyer <>
Subject Caching for database driven sites
Date Tue, 14 May 2002 13:56:25 GMT
We are evaluating porting an existing CMS and web publishing system over to
cocoon but we have some issues with caching.  In our particular situation we
normally use two different cache management strategies:

1.  For automated feeds (newswires etc.) we use a time based expiration 

2.  For Editor generated or managed content we generate events from the
database that cause content to be uncached when it is changed.  This, in our
system, includes page layouts, articles, navigation and visual design.

We have been unable to identify an existing caching strategy implemented in
cocoon that will allow us to manage caching for database driven content that
has an unpredictable update schedule without actually checking in the

Given that, we'd like to begin development of a new caching strategy that
would allow for an external entity to drive cache management for pipelines
so configured.  Our initial thought is to use JMS publish/subscribe to
manage the communication of caching events and we're already prepared to
deal with this on the external side.  What we're trying to get our heads
around is the current direction for caching.  It appears from the code in
CVS that the caching support is being extracted from cocoon and turned into
an Excalibur component.  

Can anyone give us an update regarding the status of the caching code and
let us know where we should be looking as we do our development.  I don't
want to build this based on the current cocoon classes if they're going to
be replaced in the near future with a parallel set of Excalibur classes...

Thanks in advance.

Steve Sedlmeyer, Inc.

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